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Babes In The Wood Nanny Agency

The Personal Nanny Agency Service Kent Which You Can Rely On!!

Supporting Parents


I am a Childcare Consultant, I offer a unique personal service.


I personally visit, support and understand parents needs.


Whether it is support leading up to your new arrival, perhaps you are afraid of how you will cope being a Mummy, worried about the birth!


Your new arrival is here!! you are just confused what to do to have a content baby!! So much information and advice. Mind blowing!! What I have practiced over the last 24 years does work.


Daytime routines are important for your well being and happiness and the belief of coping and creating a happy and content baby!


Confused by all the weaning options, let me help you one to one and clear up any confusion.


Do you just want a night off, night feeds can be extremely exhausting especially if you are on your own all day as well.


What activities shall I take my baby/toddler/child to. I work closely with lots of businesses that offer fun or practical fun classes.


Is your toddler a nightmare at bedtime!! I can help you develop happy helpful routines that work.


I can also help with mealtimes, behaviour and much more.


Just the tips are priceless and the one to one support you will gain to create a happy and stress free family. You can have as much or as little of my time. If you are ready to crack any troubles you have, you have come to the right person.


Give me a call Julie 01233 621213 or 07957 684352

Or e-mail me on [email protected]