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Babes In The Wood Nanny Agency

The Personal Nanny Agency Service Kent Which You Can Rely On!!

Babes In The Wood

Child Care Options


A Nanny is a highly skilled professional that works in your home and is left in sole charge of your children whilst you are out at work. The Nanny may be trained or have experience. They will prepare nutritious meals, take your children to activities and carry out nursery duties. A nanny makes sure your children are happy and have fun packed days. This is the perfect option for families with more than one child or work long hours due to commuting and travel abroad. The recommended hourly pay is £12 - 15. You employ the nanny so you are responsible by law to pay their tax and NI.

Nanny Share

Two families share a nanny. The families share the cost of a nanny. The job will be in either of the families homes. This works well if you have a good open friendship with similar values and boundaries. It is best if the children are similar ages. You could potentially halve the above costs.

Alternatively you could employ a nanny who brings her own child with her, which will also help reduce child care costs.

Mother's Help

A Mother's Help is usually someone that has a genuine interest in the care of young children and babies. They may not necessarily have got qualifications but are looking for a platform to get into the child care field. Alternatively they may be a Mother that's own children have grown up and may want to look after children or get back into looking after young children. They help you with the children. The hourly rate is £10 - £12, depending on age and experience. You employ the Mother's Help so you are responsible by law to pay their tax and NI. You are at home with the Mother's help giving guidance where necessary, when you feel reassured you may leave the children for short periods of time and increase this gradually.

Child Minders

A Child Minder is someone that is registered with Ofsted and they look after one to several children from different families in their own home. You take and collect your child to their home at an arranged drop off and collection time. A Child Minder will not accept your child when unwell, although you will still be liable for fees due to the session missed. They charge an hourly rate ranging from £6 -7.50. They are self employed and devise all their own contracts and policies with regards to, sickness, holidays etc..

Baby Sitters

A Baby Sitter comes to your house in the evening and takes care of the children once they are in bed. They will re-settled the children confidently and reassuringly if necessary. You may require a babysitter to put your child to bed. £10 -15 per hour.

Maternity Nurse 

A Maternity Nurse is experienced with new babies and will do 24 hours for 5/6 days per week with a new-born baby up to 3 months. They will organize everything to do with the baby, nursery duties, bottles, establish feeding and sleep patterns, feed the baby in the night, so you can get your well deserved rest for producing such a beautiful baby.

£1500 - 2500 per week. 

Night Nanny

A Night Nanny will come to your house, later in the evening and take care of the baby or children during the night so that you can get a good nights sleep. The Night Nanny will support you in bedtime routines, sleep patterns, getting children comfortable sleeping in their own beds. Usual hours are: 10-6 but this can be negotiated. £120-150 per night.

Au Pair

An au pair works a maximum of 25 hours a week (5 hours a day) and a maximum of 2 evenings baby sitting for a minimum of £100 per week. The family provide full board, the opportunity to learn English, transport means and welcome the Au Pair to become part of your family, their own bedroom/bathroom and two consecutive days off per week.

An au-pair can look after children of school age but is not qualified in childcare. They can only look after babies or children under school age if a parent is home and the level of responsibility should be kept to a minimum, this is for the safety of your children. English is unlikely to be the au-pairs first language.

I do not specialise in au pairs, especially since Brexit.

Wrap Around Care

A regular request is for before and after school and school holidays. This childcare unfortunately comes at a premium because firstly it is like gold dust. You could use a childminder that does school runs at the school your child/children attend, but don't be surprised if she is unable to help out in the school holidays due to her spaces already filled.

You could use a nanny £10-15 per hour, as the hours are minimal. The best thing about a nanny afterschool is that the children can relax in the comfort of their own home after a long school day, homework and reading can be completed and bedtime routines can be started. Your nanny may also be available to take care of your sick child and help out in school holidays if she is available. This nanny may have her own child, and the option to bring her child may reduce the hourly rate.

Proxy Parent

Perhaps you want to go away for the weekend or ski-ing without the children and you do not have anyone to rely on like family members. This could be an option for you. A nanny may come and stay in your home and take sole care of your children for you.

The cost would be £60-£80 (8pm-8am) per night and then the nannies daytime rate for all other hours required.

Call me now, Julie on 01233 621213 or 07957 684352

None of the above are rules they are just suggestions and every situation is unique, that is why you have come to the right website to find me. I can help you with your request.